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tv   [untitled]    June 24, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am PDT

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trees in spray herbicides calls to my nature of do no harm. while i would ever pay grudge them a penny to maintain or improve the parks, i cannot support a bond measure that would harm the parks, and that does. i am not a minority in this. i think some have regarded as as a fringe group and not taken as seriously. i would hope the vote of the unanimous vote of the twin peaks council strongly opposing that -- and i think that it has led you all to stop ignoring us and maybe start taking us seriously, because we represent the mainstream and majority of people in san francisco. that is why i support the language in the bond as amended. i am grateful to the committee
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for taking our concerns seriously and revising the bond language to make sure this bond will not be sent. thank you for listening to us. supervisor elsbernd: thank you very much. please come forward. >> good morning. my name is linda shaffer. i have things are like to briefly add. first of all, as a person citizen volunteers serving on the city park recreation and open space advisory, representing district 10, i am delighted that even more money is flowing in the direction of mclaren park as a result of this amendment. i look forward to look -- working with the wonderful people in district 10 and 9 and 11 in support of this bond that
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will make them all very happy. the second thing i would like to say is of the city i moved to san francisco's six years ago, and i am an avid hiker and walker, so i have been looking forward to getting to know more of the trails in the various parts of our parks. sometimes i make these explorations on my own, and other times it is with out of town and sometimes international visitors. it is amazing how many more people come to visit you if you live in san francisco vs. fresno. it has become apparent through these various explorations that are trails and our parks need a lot of tender, loving care. i support the compromise that has been reached now. i strongly support the bond, and i would like to thank everyone involved for getting as to this point.
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supervisor elsbernd: please come forward. please line up on the side. >> good morning, supervisors. thank you for considering the amendment that will give voters a clear word choice when they go to the polls this november. i support the bond measure. thank you for differentiating the project of the natural areas program are undertaking. from those typical san francisco residents, it will be paid for by this bond. for myself, thank you for the peace as they enter most of the parks that i visit, and thinank you for the birds whose habitat you will be protecting. i think what brings people to the polls is a substantive and
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balding and understanding of the issues, and how they decide that is most often based upon their confidence in the integrity and skill and wisdom and at the track record of the organization's carrying out the projects that are paid for. i think that when this project comes before you, i hope you will involve as many citizens possible in consider very carefully whether you should put this matter up for discussion. it is very important -- it is a very important issue that goes well beyond the money from respond. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> takjake sig.
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i was a 32-year staff person, a gardener and garden supervisor for recreation and park. for the past 23 years i have been a volunteer in the parks and open spaces. i am keenly aware of the erosion problems caused by trails in golden gate park and mclaren park. this is money well spent, and i look forward to when we can take care of some of our other open spaces, which are basket cases in terms of erosion. thank you. supervisor elsbernd: please come forward. >> good morning, supervisors. i am speaking as an individual homeowner and property tax payer, and as such, i am pleased to support the use of on funding for the improvement of our parks. i lived a block away from glen
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canyon park, and i am very pleased with the work of the natural areas program has done, although i am aware of the fact that is not on today's agenda, but some people wanted to make it so. i am very pleased with the work proposed. i very much support what is proposed in the package that has now been put together for the 2012 package. i like to use the trails and mclaren park. i like to go birdwatching and wild flower watching, and i agree that should be a very high priority along with golden gate park along with the use of money to make them safer and more enjoyable. and i am pleased to support the portions of this bond measure that will support waterfront parks and open spaces, especially the blue green way. i also want to thank supervisor wiener and members of the staff for the compromise measure that have put together and form of
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the amendment you are considering today, so i support the bond measure and the amendment. thank you. >> good morning. my name is engageglen gage. i am here to support the changing the wording for the bond. i love the natural areas as they have evolves. i am against the policies of the natural areas program, which would destroy the natural ecosystem, but i want to support the bond that will bring much needed upgrades to the parks infrastructure. we should not have to choose between habitat and infrastructure. we can have both. this is why i support the proposed changes to the wording. if i am forced to vote for infrastructure at the expense
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of habitat, i am going to protect the habitat. we cannot change that. we cannot come back at a later date with a more reasonable approach to upgrade infrastructure and make the parts safrks safer without destg the forest. i want to see the exact amount of money in the bond that will go to deforestation. again the 1 percent signed, 20 percent signed. $4 million is still a lot. -- it could be 1%, 20%. thank you. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. any other members of the public that wish to speak? >> supervisors, good morning. i am richard mcgarry.
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i have about 400 paid members and serves 4500 households around the park. i am here speaking as an individual, because we do not take positions on political dollars or candidates, but i can assure you the vast majority of the members support the new bond for november and supports the trails allocation and a clarifying amendment that is before you today. we send an e-mail yesterday, which i hope most of you have had an opportunity to see, and we wholeheartedly support this. the capital funds are very badly needed. thank you for doing your part, and think you to supervisor wiener and the other sponsors for getting us this far. >> thank you, richard. come on up. >> good morning, supervisors.
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my name is ann gage. i support the new wording that goes a long way to alleviate my fear that the bond will contribute to deforestation. thank you. the natural habitats that support our wildlife are precious and need to be passed on to future generations. please give us the opportunity to fix what is broken and our parks without having to at the same time provinot using the toc chemicals. supervisor elsbernd: thank you. and the other member of the public wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have two items before us. we have a motion by supervisor wiener to make an amendment to item number one.
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we will take them separately. item #one is the ordinance. a motion -- motion by supervisor elsbernd to amend item number one. we can do that without objection. as to the underlying item number one, a motion to -- motion by supervisor elsbernd. we can do that without objection. item number two -- we have a motion by supervisor elsbernd to except supervisor wiener's m. and move item #2 forward with recommendation. any other items? thank you very much. meeting is adjourned.
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